Saturday, October 27, 2007

Still here

Thank you for the encouragements to return. I haven't had much to say recently. Mainly because the things that I want to talk about are too specific to allow me and my place of work to remain anonymous. Work has been incredibly stressful but I have just had ten days of annual leave, which has improved things.

I have discovered that I am remaining in my current position until next October - fourteen months. This is so that we will be in line with the SpR (registrar) changeover dates. Although I am enjoying the obstetrics and gynaecology part of my job, I am unhappy in my position. I feel unsupported a lot of the time. Some of the Consultants bad mouth other Consultants in front of nursing and junior staff, which adds to the discomfort. There is minimal team feeling and a high sickness rate in nursing staff as well as two of the other junior doctors. The next twelve months stretch ominously in front of me and I am paranoid that my depression is going to return.

In happier news, the house is now starting to resemble a home. We are still carpet, paint and furniture short in one bedroom. The shower does not work and we need a new boiler. However, dramatic progress has been made.