Saturday, September 8, 2007

A Short Update

I have now completed a full rota cycle. I'm enjoying myself and I'm feeling that I have made the right career decision. I'm terrified about just how much I have to learn. I see the Registrars dealing with problems and I can't see how that will ever be me. It's a bit like when I was a medical student and could never imagine actually being a doctor.

The politics within the job are very odd, particularly with all the practitioners. I'm going to save writing about this for another day.

The caesarean section rate is very high and it's slightly disconcerting assisting at sections which would have been delivered vaginally in my previous job. Pre-term breeches being a prime example. A lady who was 27 weeks pregnant was admitted fully dilated and pushing. The baby was breech so they did a crash caesarean section under general anaesthetic. I feel that I am too junior in training to know what's right. I worry that I will never learn how to do a breech delivery though and that I will then have to section these people because I don't have the necessary skills to do otherwise.

Not that that matters yet - I have many other skills and attributes to learn first.

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