Monday, March 10, 2008

A Small Update

Things have been a tad busy. I'm learning lots of new skills although I'm worried that I'm not learning fast enough. Time is limited and I feel so inexperienced.

I have mainly not been blogging because I have been revising hard for my MRCOG Part 1 exam. It's all basic sciences and quite removed from my day to day job. I've struggled with it but the exam was last week and it went okay, I suppose. About 25% of people pass, so I'm not particularly hopeful to be honest. The first paper was really hard but the second paper was manageable. Just have to wait for the results...

The job isn't great, which made motivating myself for revision a little harder. It's improving as I get to know people but it is an unhappy department, under a lot of pressure. I have taken over the running of the rota, which is not compliant. Unfortunately, someone in human resources did their sums wrong and nobody noticed until I took over. It means people are not being paid for some of the work they do, but the department cannot afford to either pay the money or release the hours. It doesn't do much for morale.

The house is almost 'finished' and is nearly feeling like home. We have had to sort out a lot more than I expected (naively!) so it has taken six months.

I will try to blog a little more regularly... there are always stories to tell.

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